Regent Place in the CBD is host to yet another cult favorite: Doux Amour. For now, at least. Doux co-owner Carol Chung says it will be occupying a pop-up shop until the end of December this year.

“We were really excited for the opportunity to pop-up here. It’s perfect for us, it’s really a foodie destination,” says Chung. She’s referring to Doux Amour’s new neighbours, fellow Instagram favourites Aqua S and Uncle Tetsu’s.

The colourful choux pastries are delivered every morning from the bakery in Rosebery. Six classics on the menu since the start have been joined by newcomers vanilla-blueberry, pineapple, Earl Grey, and taro.

The shop features dozens of prints of fans’ Instagram posts. To keep keen ’grammers on their toes, the shop is also fitted out with a purpose-built photo wall. Its pastel tiles complement the round shape of Chung’s choux pastries and make for the perfect backdrop.

Doux Amour
Lot 21/Level 9 Regent Place, 501 George Street

Mon–Sun 1pm–9pm