The latest to chuck tables and chairs out the window are Dr. Dough Donuts and On It Burger. They are delivering handcrafted doughnuts and burgers via UberEats to your door. The collaboration between the doughnut and burger makers is by husband-and-wife team Geoff and Kristy Bannister.

“We came to Sydney to visit and found that while Melbourne had been on what seemed like a three–year journey with doughnuts, Sydney’s journey was less than a year long,” says Kristy.

Unlike many other restaurants on UberEats, Geoff and Kristy operate their businesses in a shared, secret kitchen without a shopfront or face-to-face customer service. The app is their only platform.

While secrecy makes it difficult to launch a business, both Dr. Dough and On It have already built a large following. The two often fight for the top ranking on UberEats; they both sell upwards of 160 items per day. They’ve only been open two weeks.

Sharing a kitchen may seem logistically tricky, but Kristy and Geoff make it work. Doughnut preparation happens in the morning and burgers are flipped in the afternoon.

The doughnuts are colourful and nostalgic. The ’90’s Kid is the most popular and is a throwback, with bright-pink icing and a sprinkling of Nerds. The Golden Oldie is Kristy’s take on the Golden Gaytime.

The burgers were first made in Melbourne at stores in Abbotsford and Ferntree Gully. Then owner Tony Plunkett expanded his business to Sydney with help from Geoff, who now runs the Sydney arm. “We secured the space on the Wednesday and by the following Tuesday we were up and running with UberEats,” says Geoff.

Plunkett is pretty pleased with the response so far. “My reach now goes out kilometres rather than metres. It has helped customers embrace my products and the company in general has exploded,” says Plunkett.

On it makes 100–200 burgers every day. So, are restaurants and cafes being replaced? “Landlords are definitely going to start struggling with generating profit from large-scale restaurant spaces because fewer and fewer people are interested in eating inside a restaurant,” says Plunkett.

Acquiring a delivery arm also means there’s room to feed the masses. “Restaurants will inevitably get smaller. We find ourselves delivering to parks, beaches, local football games … it’s just easier than having to run a fast-food joint or restaurant,” he says.

Highlights are the Bom Chikka Wow Wow with fried chicken in a squid-ink burger and the Fun G vego option.

Kristy and Geoff have also teamed up with Geelong (Vic)-based tea company Cha Cha Teas to offer preservative- and caffeine-free Tea Shakes in Strawberry Swoon and Activated Coconut Charcoal.