“We consider [Ramblin’] Rascal [Tavern] a five-star dive bar, this will be more of a cocktail lounge,” says Charlie Lehmann, one of the three owners of Double Deuce Lounge, which will open in Sydney late March.

The lavish and potentially ultra-camp bar is sliding into the basement of 6 Bridge Street, in the space formally known as Bouche on Bridge. Lehmann and business partners Sebastian Soto and Dardan Shervashidze say their new place will retain the gritty edge that makes Ramblin’ Rascal feel comfortable yet occasionally rowdy, but will also bring an extra level of class and service.

“There will be table service; there’ll be a host; we’ll be upping the cocktail game,” says Lehmann, adding, “It’s a bit higher-end down that side of the city.”

The room will fit about 80 people and the focus will be on cocktails and wine, but not working to a theme. At Ramblin’ almost all cocktails are made with cognac and the bar is stacked with one of Sydney’s more interesting selections of booze.

“We’ll [also] still have a shit tinny and we’ll still have a rule: don’t be a dick,” says Lehmann. When working on the concept the trio locked onto “1970s porn-chic”, á la Boogie Nights. “There might be a couple of bowling shirts in there, lots of soul and funk. Martin Scorsese, The Stones. That’s what we’re going for. That’s the vibe.”

There are no specifics yet, aside from one thing – a standing love booth that features a big, furry wall. “I don’t know what it’ll be, I need to find the material, but it will be furry.”

Double Deuce Lounge is slated to open at 6 Bridge Street, Sydney in late March.