Tomorrow Monty Koludrovic (executive chef) and James Hird (wine director) of The Dolphin launch a new apertivo program in the venue’s Wine Room.

Apertivo time in Italy is a blissful hour (or two, or three) of easygoing snacking, often in a piazza, while drinking and socialising. The objective isn’t to drink too much – the drinks served are low in alcohol - Spritzes, for example – but to fill the hours between work and the much later evening meal.

Now, from Sunday through Thursday, the Wine Room will serve a range of snacks and drinks between 5pm and 7pm (apart from the launch, which is Wednesday April 5).

The menu is brief: five or six options. “[It] will change week to week or day to day, super fluid in content but always either five or seven dollars,” says Hird. For the moment, offerings include fried olives, Tuscan fried chicken, anchovy toast and $5 glasses of Prosecco.

“[It’s for] people that like ridiculous value, good drinks and delicious snacks,” says Koludrovic.

Perhaps even more exciting are the sporadic “guest appearances” by some of the most renowned local and international chefs, wine makers and restaurateurs that will happen.

“This will depend a bit on each chef,” says Koludrovic. “The guidelines are loose. Some people will do a handful of different snacks, while others might do variations on a theme.”

Mike and Berri Eggert and Jemma Whiteman of Good Luck Pinbone will serve a variety of “Pinbone Pockets”, also known as, pizza pockets, on April 9. Alex Herbert from Bird Cow Fish will offer her toasted sandwiches on May 15. Other appearances include Paul Carmichael from Momofuku Seiobo on June 18 and Daniel Pepperell from Hubert on July 23.

From July 23 onwards, expect more special guests with your Aperol Spritz.

“We have another 20 chefs and wine-o’s in the wings waiting to confirm dates. Though the first few months are done, if anyone ends up in town and wants to throw down some snacks or pour some drinks, then we will fit them in,” says Koludrovic.

Launches tomorrow at 5pm, and then is on every Sun to Thu 5pm–7pm.