If you’ve been missing pillowy bao or your weekend yum-cha brunch routine, you’re in luck. Sydney food-truck Tsuru, usually found at music festivals, markets and sporting events, is now doing DIY bao boxes and steam-at-home dumpling and bun kits for pick-up and delivery.

The DIY bao boxes come frozen ($70) or ready to cook ($50), with instructions on how to prep your meal. Each ready-to-cook box contains 800 grams of protein (choose from chicken teriyaki, black-pepper beef, tofu teriyaki, shiitake mushroom or hot-and-spicy pork belly); 10 bao buns; two tubs of sauce; and, depending on your protein, shredded veg, shallots or kimchi. You’ll only use around half the fillings supplied – the extras can be added to salads, burgers, tacos, nachos or even just plain steamed rice.

The meat is also available à la carte for $25 (black-pepper beef and chicken teriyaki) or $30 (hot-and-spicy pork belly). The frozen box comes with double the amount of protein and sauce, but no shredded veg, shallots or kimchi.

Tsuru is also bringing the fun of yum cha (minus the endless jasmine tea) to your home with easy steam-at-home kits ($25), which contain enough prawn har gow, chicken shu mai and chicken or barbeque pork buns for two people.

If you’re keen on a big feast, you can add a few extra serves of dumplings or buns ($15 or $20) or pork-and-cabbage or pork-and-chive gyoza ($15).

Order here for pick-up or delivery within the Sydney metropolitan area.

For free delivery to the inner west or eastern suburbs until May 15, use the codes INWEST20 or EAST20.