The Dip is back. DJ, chef, writer and ’90s music advocate Andrew Levins is bringing the old Goodgod restaurant back for one day. This time he’ll be making hot dogs at Automata with head chef Clayton Wells. “Clayton and I have been friends for a few years now but not long enough for him to have ever eaten at The Dip. So I think this is something he has concocted so he can eat a Dip meal,” says Levins. “It’s an expensive way to do it but he’s a man of bold ideas.”

Instead of hot dogs in baskets there’ll be a $50 set menu with Levins’ signature Lev’s Dawg (smoked kosher frankfurt, fresh tomato salsa, grilled peppers, mustard and chipotle mayo) joined by a mystery Wells hot dog and some Dip-styled sides, including pulled-pork nachos, grilled corn and hot wings.

The dogs themselves will be receiving an upgrade. “All the ingredients will be of a much higher quality than what we used to do at The Dip. Clayton has access to much better stuff than I ever had access to.” Levins says the buns and cheese will be made specifically for the event and the frankfurters will produced in collaboration with LP’s Quality Meats.

Drinks, though, are going in the other direction. “It will be a little bit of a mix [with the existing Automata bar menu]. There are going to be a lot more casual beers. My preferred method of drinking is out of a can so they’re honouring that.”

When asked about future pop-ups, Levins is noncommittal. “I’m open to doing pop-ups like this again, but I’ll only do it if it makes sense. Things are very different now. I have a kid and a podcast,” he says. For now he’s just excited about bringing hot dogs back. “Since The Dip closed, there’s been a huge amount of American food in Australia, but I still don’t think there are any good places to get hot dogs in Sydney yet,” he says, though he admits Guilty has potential (he’s only eaten the burgers).

The Dip + Automata collaboration will be on Sunday June 12 from 12pm to 4pm. Tables can be booked by emailing