These days, revolving restaurants are old hat. The latest thing is to eat your food suspended from a crane 50 metres above the ground.

As part of this year’s Good Food Month, traditionally earth-bound diners will be hoisted aloft, somewhere above the Sydney skyline. Dinner in the Sky began as a bit of a publicity stunt six years ago, but now diners are dangling in over 40 different countries.

The pendulous restaurant will be swinging above Moore Park, just opposite the Hordern Pavilion, with founder Simon Laxman promising 360-degree views from each of the temporary restaurant’s 22 seats (which diners will be strapped into, of course).

And while eating 12 storeys up might sit firmly in the novelty category, the cuisine itself should actually be top-class too, with an unnamed Michelin-Starred chef creating the evening menu for the Champagne Dinner, featuring vintage Moët et Chandon.

Afternoon sessions will be catered by Adam Hall from FlyingFish, who’ll be baking pastries for lunch. Plus, there’ll be a couple of Cocktails in the Sky sessions in the late afternoon, with drinks and canapés served over the course of an hour up on the crane.

While the vertical restaurant is only in town from October 17 to 19, there should be a few opportunities to be suspended, with sessions at noon, 1pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6.30pm and 8pm daily.

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