Give us a new way to eat delicious gelato without compromising on quality and we’re all ears. Stix Desserts specialises in gelato and sorbet on a stick, and gives you the chance to get DIY with your frozen treat.

Start by choosing your sorbet or gelato flavour from a huge selection in the freezer; it currently includes ginger lemon, watermelon and salted caramel. Then choose between chocolate sauces and toppings such as salted pretzels and shaved coconut. There you have it, a personalised dessert you can eat with one hand.

Stix is the creation of a pair of Gen Y go-getters, Isabella Chan (formerly a financial planner) and Veronica Chung (who works in the fashion industry) who decided to start afresh and opened their dessert bar on Crown Street, which opened in April. “We’ve always loved indulging in desserts. We opened Stix because we felt it was time to do something for ourselves,” Chan explains. It’s a perfect alternative when the queues at Messina up the road are a little too long. “We really wanted to be part of this area. People are always out and about, there are so many good restaurants and so much great food.”

All the gelato and sorbet at Stix is made onsite and Chan and Chung are always experimenting with new flavour combinations. The best part about the DIY aspect is you can indulge your weird food habits: “The salted pretzel [topping] is very popular. A great combination is rum ‘n’ raisin gelato, dark chocolate sauce and salted pretzel on top. Someone even tried watermelon gelato with salted pretzels, I’m not sure how that one tasted!” Chan laughs.

While it may be brave to open a frozen dessert shop on the brink of winter, Stix is good enough to shake off any chills. Stay tuned to its Facebook page – Stix has some exciting winter warmers in the works.

Stix Desserts
620 Crown Street, Surry Hills
(02) 9319 6880

Mon to Fri 12pm–9.30pm
Fri 12pm–10pm
Sat 1pm–10pm
Sun 1pm–9.30pm