First UberEats, now this. Sydney has embraced food delivery and now a new delivery service, Tipple, is bringing the drinks,

Tipple works a lot like the food delivery services you’re familiar with, but for beer, wine and spirits. Download the app or go to the website, then choose your poison and it’ll get to you within an hour of ordering. (And it promises your order will be delivered cold, if it’s supposed to be.)

Brothers Shane and Ryan Barrington are Tipple’s founders. They started the business in St Kilda after owning bricks and mortar bottle shops, and they recently expanded the delivery service from 120 suburbs in Melbourne to include Sydney. (According to Tipple’s Samuel Tan, one of the key differences between the two cities is that Melburnians drink a lot more red wine than Sydney folks).

Tipple begins delivery from 3pm each day and finishes at 9pm, and the minimum spend is $30.

If you’re a minor and you’re reading this, don’t get too excited. Tipple has strict identification requirements: all drivers have Responsible Serving of Alcohol licences and check identification before completing an order.

Tipple is rolling out to more and more suburbs, so if your place isn’t in the delivery zone yet, it’s likely to be soon.