Set up in a sunny corner of the collaborative retail space O’Connell Street Merchants, which sits above Brewtown Newtown, is The Affogato Shack, a new venture between Brewtown owners Simon Triggs and Charles Cameron.

“We wanted to [build on] the take-away gelato pandemonium that you see at places like Messina,” says Cameron. As the name suggests, here you’ll find variations on the Italian combination of a shot of coffee poured over a scoop of gelato. The espresso comes courtesy of Gnome coffee merchants, extracted via a gleaming silver machine named The Speedster, and the ice-cream part is taken care of by award-winning Enmore gelataria The Cow and The Moon. Unfortunately, the authentic Italian practice of dousing the whole thing in a shot of Amaretto or Frangelico isn’t on offer here.

As for gelato flavours, for now there are three clear winners on offer: vanilla, pistachio and rum and raisin. Each flavour is “designed to enhance the flavour profile of the coffee on offer,” says Cameron. For example, rum and raisin mirrors the Casablanca coffee blend, “with some creaminess and a hint of chocolate. When the coffee is spectacular and has a really strong flavour presence, we'll go for vanilla,” says Cameron.

The dream at The Affogato Shack is that customers will be able to take away their affogato offerings, along with a box of their in-house bakery’s mixed-flavoured cronuts, to enjoy in one of the nearby parks in warm weather, or even in the green space that is proposed for the O’Connell Street Merchants. We don’t think people will need much convincing.

The Affogato Shack at O’Connell Street Merchants
Level 1, 6–8 O’Connell Street, Newtown

Thu to Fri 10am–5pm
Sat 9am–4pm
Sun 10am–4pm

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