A new dish at Left of Field cafe in Rhodes sounds more like a late-night indulgence than a brunch item.

The cafe’s new French toast pairs Philadelphia cream cheese and coffee mousse, with brioche soaked in egg and then pan-fried. It’s finished – in a nod to Black Forest gateau – with kirsch-soaked cherries and chocolate shavings.

It’s the Philadelphia cream cheese that holds the dish together, says head chef Ashley Patfield. “It adds a creaminess that counteracts the dry elements, making the dish work as a whole,” he explains. “Its smoothness and light flavour means it’s very versatile and works well with sweet ingredients.”

Despite its dessert-like origins, Patfield’s brioche French toast is available until 3pm on Left of Field’s all-day menu. The cafe offers a “fresh, seasonal and creative take on Australian daytime classics,” says the cafe’s co-owner Matthew Abi-Arrage. “We would like to think it’s accessible and appealing to everyone. We like to use inspiration from all cuisines to ‘twist’ popular dishes.”

The remainder of Left of Field’s menu reflects Patfield’s creative flair: traditional hotcakes served with caramelised banana, Earl Grey custard & maple popcorn, while muesli comes in the form of a house-made pomegranate and date granola, served with poached pear, honeycomb and labne.

For those curious to attempt Patfield’s French toast at home, the chef advises starting with the Philadelphia cream cheese at room temperature. Then whip it until it resembles meringue. “This will add stability to the mousse as well as lightness,” he says. Another tip is to drain the excess egg mix off your brioche to make crispier toast. “Do a few trials with small pieces to make sure your butter is at the right temperature.”

The Brioche French Toast is available in-house for a limited time. Here’s how to try this recipe at home.

Left of Field’s Brioche French Toast


Philadelphia Cream Cheese Mousse
250g Philadelphia cream cheese
¾ cup icing sugar
100ml Griottine cherries in syrup, roughly chopped (reserve syrup)
60ml strong coffee
1 cup cream
20ml kirsch

Brioche French Toast
6 eggs
60g sugar
500ml milk
8 thick slices brioche
Clarified butter
Fresh fruits, cocoa and chocolate shavings to decorate


Philadelphia Cream Cheese Mousse
Beat the Philadelphia cream cheese until smooth. Add ½ cup icing sugar, cherries and coffee until fully incorporated.

In a separate bowl, beat the cream to soft peaks, add remaining icing sugar and continue beating until stiff peaks form.

Fold half of the whipped cream into the Philadelphia cream cheese mixture, then repeat. Place in piping bags and refrigerate.

Combine the cherry syrup and kirsch in a pan. Reduce to 30ml.

Brioche French Toast
Beat the eggs and sugar in a bowl, add milk and set aside.

Soak the brioche slices in egg mixture for five minutes then drain off any excess.
Heat butter in a non-stick pan and fry the brioche until golden on both sides. Keep warm.

To serve
Place a small amount of the Philadelphia cream cheese mousse on a plate, followed by one piece of the fried brioche. Cover this with more mousse, some kirsch syrup and another slice of brioche, then dust with cocoa.

Finish with more syrup, chocolate shavings and fresh fruit decorated around the plate.

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