Broadsheet Sydney Food is the essential guide to more than 100 of the city’s best bakeries; grocers; delicatessens; markets; fishmongers; butchers; sweet shops; bottle shops; tea and coffee shops; and cook and tableware shops.

To celebrate its release, we’re giving away a prize a day for 12 days. Each prize includes a copy of the book and goods from a producer or supplier selected from the book. Enter now for your chance to win.

“If it ain't boiled, it ain't a bagel.”

So goes the philosophy at Brooklyn Boy, which makes some of the most authentic New York-style bagels on this side of the world. They’re hand-rolled, cold proved and baked over stone. They're also vegan and preservative-free. The end result is a nice chewy crust, with a moist, airy inside.

This prize is simple: a copy of Broadsheet Sydney Food and 32 bagels.

  • Four plain bagels.

  • Four poppy seed.

  • Four onion.

  • Four pumpkin.

  • Four pumpernickel.

  • Four sesame seed.

  • Four rainbow.

  • Four everything (poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onion and caraway).

Entries for the 12 Trays of Christmas competition are now closed.

Total value $81.95.

The full list of prizes is available here.

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