Since American chef David Chang told the world he isn’t so keen on Australia’s fondness for beetroot, egg and bacon in our burgers, we’ve had a large and opinionated response. The article reached nearly 70,000 people on Facebook over the weekend, and many were not pleased with Chang’s judgement.

“John Lennon said it best, ‘Don't hate what you don't understand!’” Linda Holmes said on Facebook, while Vivian J Lanuza felt that “what he describes as a perfect burger and what the typical Aussie burger is, are two different things. It's like comparing a Chicago dog to a Coney Island, both hotdogs, both totally different.”

Some readers pointed out that, though claiming to be a purist, Chang has built a career from tweaking, updating or adding to existing traditional dishes. “Apple kimchi with maple labneh, anyone?” says Vicki Peppos.

On the other side of the rapidly evolving burger argument on our Facebook page is “Darryl Kerrigan” – a The Castle-inspired pseudonym perhaps? – who says “I can tolerate the beetroot and the egg as they can be pulled off and fed to the dog... What I can't stand is the Aussie penchant for putting various fillers in the meat. It ends up tasting like a meatloaf sandwich.” Other commenters rallied against soggy buns thanks to drippy beetroot, or expressed a dislike for sweet brioche-style buns that have been sandwiching beef patties more and more regularly these past few years.

Standing up for our collective taste in burgers was Sophy Mavridis Neocleous, who admitted, “He probably had one burger somewhere God knows where, maybe on a road trip from Orange to Sydney, and was scared - now he's assuming that's the majority.” Another reader thought perhaps Chang had been indulging in a few too many slices of Momofuku Milk Bar’s famed Crack Pie.

Whatever the argument, we’re sure eating a burger is the answer. Try this new one on for size.