Three-thirty-itis hits, and a throng of people – suited; dressed in hi-vis; tourists sporting the essential camera – stare with childlike fascination, unable to decide on a flavour. Will it be the ricotta and fiche (fig), seedy and clean with notes of sheep’s milk at the end? Perhaps the signature cremino RivaReno, a dense, velvety combination of gianduia (chocolate spread) and white-chocolate and hazelnut ganache. Or a lighter pink-grapefruit granita?

Darlinghurst’s RivaReno is now minutes from offices and tourist haunts on Barangaroo Avenue, the city’s new food precinct.

“There’s a big shift happening in the city; things are moving towards Barangaroo,” says RivaReno owner Kieran Tosolini. “I think in the future, this will be a destination. RivaReno in Darlinghurst has become a destination place; you don’t just walk past.”

The Barangaroo location opened quietly, just days ago, and it’s a fresh look for the company. It’s patterns galore, with marble countertops, black-and-white decorative-cushion seating and hexagonal floor tiling. The high ceilings lend themselves to a sense of spaciousness. Two entry/exits aid the flow of people. The renovation also took place at the Darlinghurst store.

“It’s been in the works for a while; we wanted to have a new look that’s warmer and more inviting,” Tosolini says. “The minimal look we originally had was something that came from Milan. That didn’t really work here.”

It’s an experienced team, many with training from the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna. All of the flavours from the Darlinghurst store are available at Barangaroo, and the specials for both will remain the same. Gelato for the Barangaroo location is made on-site daily, with ingredients – down to the milk – imported from Italy. The gelato is stored in pozzettis, insulated containers inside the thermo-controlled marble counter, to maximise the texture and taste.

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“You can’t see the gelato, but it’s much better for it,” says Tosolini. “It keeps the quality of the pure, natural product.”

The Barangaroo location currently serves Mecca coffee and tea by TeaCraft, and will soon roll out waffles, crepes and specialty affogatos.

Rivareno Barangaroo is giving away free ice-cream to Broadsheet readers from 3.30pm–4.30pm today, Wednesday April 20. Mention this article for your free scoop (one per person).

Rivareno Barangaroo
Shop 4, 33 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo
(02) 9188 1510

Cafe: Mon to Sun 7am–4pm
Gelateria and Affogato bar: 12pm–9pm