Sisters Samantha and Megan Cordingley, and graphic designer Jeffrey Ginsburg, are turning the world of raw chocolate on its head with Damn Good Chocolate. Usually a bit hard to find – you need to sift through health stores and cafes – it can now be delivered straight to your door or office. “We flipped the whole thing,” says Ginsburg. “One: it tastes really great and two: it’s the opposite of hard to find. We bring it straight to you.”

The idea behind the brand is to make chocolate fun and healthy. The chocolates are gluten, dairy and sugar free and made using all-natural, local and organic ingredients. Megan, co-founder and head chocolatier, makes them at her cafe, Proteini, in Darlinghurst. The website and packaging convey the full personality of the brand, with bold, bright colours and quirky taglines – “For when a marching band is a little extreme”, for example. Samantha says this was shaped by months of listening to ‘90s hip-hop and R’n’B during the brand’s development.

Damn Good Chocolate offers same-day delivery, for when you remember someone’s birthday or anniversary a tad too late. The team hopes to expand delivery times, so you can order it at night while sitting in your pyjamas watching a movie at home. Each neatly packed box, complete with a personalised, hand-written note, contains six heart-shaped chocolates in three always-changing flavours, such as Salted Caramel, Rose Royale or Coconut Cream.

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