Orazio has quietly opened his speciality mozzarella bar inside the existing space on Hall Street. “I’m really excited about this,” says Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta's chef, Orazio D’Elia. Working with his hand-picked suppliers in Italy and Australia to bring us the best buffalo mozzarellas on the market, D’Elia feels there’s nothing yet like this in Sydney at the moment. The focus is on trying all different kinds of mozzarella.

The bar is called Mozzarella Bar, My Way, and that’s exactly how he’ll be doing things. The menu includes black truffle buffalo bocconcini, doughnut-shaped rings of buffalo mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella plaits and cut-to-order mozzata amano, of which customers can order up to one kilogram’s worth. The cheeses will be paired with accompaniments such as fresh tomatoes, mushroom carpaccio during porcini season or various salads – all dependent on what’s good and in season.

D’Elia is really excited about a dish of buffalo ricotta baked in the wood-fired oven, “so fresh and creamy you can eat it with a spoon, or spread it on bread.” He’s playing with combinations to accompany it, such as pumpkin puree with prawns. He’s also serving smoked mozzarella, cow’s milk burrata and another dish called mozzarella di girella – where sheets of cheese are stuffed and rolled.

“We’ll have the same drinks menu as the restaurant,” says D’Elia, “but we’ll pick a couple of special wines to accompany the cheeses.”

If all goes well, Terzini and D’Elia will expand the concept to the CBD, where they are currently looking for a space to cater to the lunch crowd. Our bet is that we won’t be waiting long.

Mozzarella Bar, My Way
Shop LG09 The Hub 75-79 Hall Street Bondi
(02) 8090 6969

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