After wooing the people of Bondi with their signature take on Napoli-style wood-fired pizza and succulent porchetta, Orazio D’Elia and Icebergs’ Maurice Terzini and Rachel Duffy have announced to Broadsheet that plans are in motion to expand the concept. They're taking it to Bali.

“It’s a year-long project,” says D’Elia of the strategy to open in Seminyak early next year. “Maurice has spent a lot of time in Bali, and initially thought to open an Icebergs Beachclub there,” he says, but Da Orazio seemed a better fit. “It’s going to be classic Italy.”

“There are a few Aussies over there at the moment,” says the chef, “but none of them are doing wood-fired pizza like we do.” The expats include The Bucket List’s Mexican restaurant and bar, Motel Mexicola and Frank Cammora’s MoVida, scheduled to open around August this year.

Terzini’s former business partner, Robert Marchetti, is also in Bali – he opened a restaurant, Plantation Grill, inside the new luxury Seminyak hotel, Double-Six, last year.

Terzini and D’Elia will be shipping in wood-fired pizza ovens direct from Napoli, just like they have in their Bondi kitchen. They are also currently on the hunt for a chef to lead the team. D’Elia will be heading over there for the opening, and will be flying between Sydney and Bali, “every couple of months,” once the restaurant is up and running.