After a year of smooth sailing, it’s the perfect time to start changing things up. Orazio D’Elia and business partner Maurice Terzini have introduced an addition to their already popular menu at Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta.

“The mozzarella bar is already popular in Europe,” D’Elia explains. It’s also taking off in New York, but there is little resembling this celebration of cheese in Sydney yet. D’Elia wants to change that. And bringing a specialty menu of mozzarella to a pizzeria seemed like a no-brainer.

When they walk through Da Orazio’s big red door, one of the first thing diners see is a tub of fresh mozzarella, still in water, on top of the counter. D’Elia reaches in and gently shows us a one-kilogram ball of perfectly formed cheese. With portions from 125 grams to one kilogram available for purchase, customers can choose their portion.

The idea came to D’Elia suddenly. A few months ago he added the provala di bufala, a smoked mozzarella, to the regular menu and customers gobbled it up. “

“So I asked Maurice what he thought,” D’Elia says. “A week later I’d made all of the arrangements.”

Choose from seven different mozzarella dishes, paired with simple ingredients such as marinated, grilled veggies and Tuscan panzanella salad.

Currently the menu includes plaits, doughnuts and classic balls of mozzarella such as a truffle mozzarella served atop a carpaccio of D’Elia’s house-cured Wagyu Bresaola; mushrooms and fresh rocket; and smoked mozzarella served with pumpkin, potatoes, green beans and black olives. In colder months diners can enjoy a dish of baked ricotta, served alongside warm schiacciatina for spreading, mint, grilled zucchini and house-cured salmon.

To finish off the entire experience, ask the knowledgeable team behind the bar for recommendations on which of their Italian wines best suits your cheese of choice.