For some the idea of an ATM that dispenses freshly baked galaxy-inspired cupcakes is almost as good as one that distributes money. If you’re in that crowd, seek out the cotton-candy-pink ATMs that will pop up in the Royal Botanic Gardens as part of Vivid Sydney later this month.

Sparkle Cupcakery will be supplying the sweets, which will be available for purchase from the automated teller machine for $7.

To find your sugar hit, follow the light walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens and there you’ll see the pink-and-white-striped machine. Insert your credit card and instead of cold hard cash, you’ll receive a cupcake. Choose between red velvet and choc banana, adorned with what Michael Watson, the general manager of Wats On Events, which is behind the concept, describes as “icing inspired by the milky way”.

“It’s most definitely delivering a wow factor to the end of the light walk,” he says.

The Cupcake ATM will be at the Royal Botanic Gardens from May 25 to June 16 as part of Vivid Sydney.