At chocolate school “the first thing you learn to make is [Belgian] truffle,” says Remco Brigou, Koko Black’s head chocolatier. “They’re very rich, very creamy, very smooth.”

When Brigou came together with Lune Croissanterie’s Kate Reid to work on the pair’s latest collaboration, for World Chocolate Day, the Belgian truffle was a natural muse.

“[Kate and I] wanted to recreate that in a croissant, so you’ll have all the creaminess, a bomb of chocolate, finishing touches of cocoa powder, lots of texture.”

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A limited-edition twice-baked croissant, which heroes Koko Black’s signature cocoa-dusted treat and Lune’s legendary pastry, will be available at a dedicated pop-up at Koko Black’s QVB store on Friday July 7 through to Sunday July 9, as well as select Koko Black stores around Sydney.

“There’s this beautiful squiggle of whipped mascarpone on the top that I thought was going to be too rich,” Reid tells Broadsheet. “But because the truffle is made with ganache, which incorporates cream, [the mascarpone] balanced it so perfectly. It’s such a delight of a pastry to eat.”

Reid and Brigou were focused on ensuring the collab showcased both their domains: the classic and buttery twice-baked pastry that Lune fans queue for every week in Melbourne, and the dark ganache encased in chocolate – and dusted in cocoa – that’s one of Koko Black’s bestsellers.

The croissant is topped with a mascarpone Chantilly cream that’s garnished with tempered chocolate shards, salted cookie crumb and pieces of Koko Black’s Belgian truffle. Bite into the pastry and you’ll find a gooey cocoa frangipane and Guanaja chocolate fondant.

Lune and Koko Black first began collaborating in 2018, when they released a twice-baked croissant inspired by Koko Black’s dark-chocolate pistachio marzipan praline. It sold out in half an hour.

Lune is flying team members in from the Melbourne and Brisbane to help man the QVB pop-up.

“We’re producing 750 croissants a day for the three days,” says Reid. “I’m going up, too, and looking forward to pulling on my chef whites, rolling up my sleeves and helping with the massive assembly line.

“I know everyone has been waiting patiently for us to open [in Sydney], so this will be a nice little precursor.” (Brigou thinks people “will go berserk”.)

Reid revealed earlier this week that Sydney would be getting not one but two Lune stores in 2024 – a satellite store in Martin Place joining the flagship planned for Oxford Street.

Until then, think of the Belgian Truffle croissant as a very immersive save-the-date.

The Lune x Koko Black pop-up is at Koko Black QVB from 8am on Friday July 7, and 9am on Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9. The Belgian Truffle croissant will also be available Koko Black stores at Westfield and the Strand, as well as at Lune and Koko Black stores in Melbourne, and Lune’s stores in Brisbane.