Christina Tosi will join dessert luminaries Black Star Pastry, Gelato Messina and N2 Extreme Gelato at the Night Noodle Markets this year. The acclaimed pastry chef and Masterchef judge is teaming with Singleton Whisky for The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar. It’s a one-off cocktail and dessert bar that matches Tosi’s desserts with Singleton Whisky.

Tosi, the founder, owner and chef of Momofuku’s dessert wing, Milk Bar, based in New York, will make a batch of whisky-infused cookies. “After many days of brainstorming, tasting, testing and more madness, I landed on a whisky maple cookie – with malt, brown sugar and brown-butter notes,” she says. Tosi uses a whisky-infused cookie dough, but what really seals the deal, she says, is the whisky sugar that’s sprinkled over the dough before baking. “It adds that deep, complex whiskey aroma and bite. It elicits the warm nostalgia of buttery, maple-syrup-laden pancakes served at breakfast.”

The bar side of the pop-up will be run by Masterchef contestant and whiskey geek Sean Baxter. He will create Singleton Whisky cocktails to match Tosi’s cookies. The details of the cocktail menu are still a secret, but expect a creative take on a sweet Manhattan.The bar will also serve tastings of Singleton’s fruity-yet-dry Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

“I love whisky in or with desserts. It's such a versatile pairing – a great marriage of red berries, apples, nutty flavours, brown-buttery notes, chocolate, malt, grain cereals,” says Tosi. The same flavours are also littered across the menu at Milk Bar.

The Singleton Whisky & Sugar Bar will appear at the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park Sydney from October 8–25 and at Birrarung Marr in Melbourne from November 12–29.