It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book of love: a home-cooked meal for your loved one. It’s thoughtful, romantic and (if all goes to plan) delicious.

This Valentine’s Day, we’ve enlisted the help of The Broadsheet Cookbook. We’ve put together a list of our favourite dishes from some of the city’s best cafes and restaurants.

So move over long-stem red roses and heart-shaped Belgian chocolates, this year sweet maple bacon, slow-cooked porchetta and rich pasta is going to melt some hearts.

Here are six dishes, courtesy of The Broadsheet Cookbook, that cater to all kinds of lovers.

For the lover who:

Loves comfort food:
Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta's focaccia con porchetta

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Perhaps a dish for established relationships. “I made you this because you look like you love comfort food,” might not go down too well on a first date.

Enjoys breakfast with a side of bed:
Pinbone’s maple, bacon and pumpkin tart

Bacon in bed. Now if that’s not the most romantic thing ever, we don’t know what is.

Is a saucy minx:
10 William Street’s pappardelle bolognese

Nothing creates a romantic atmosphere quite like slow-cooked, rich pasta. Add in some Lady and the Tramp moves and you’ll have your date gazing into your eyes all night.

Takes the term “sweet tooth” to a whole new level
West Juliett’s French toast with ricotta, strawberries and salted caramel

This one will cause butterflies. Whether that’s from head-over-heels feelings of love or an extreme sugar high is up for debate. But either way, there’ll be butterflies.

Is a plant lover
Osteria di Russo & Russo’s Risotto of Green Peas

A message of love in the form of a big green bowl of risotto is always the key to a herbivores heart.

Won’t eat unhealthy food, even on special occasions
Nourishing Quarter’s Vietnamese sang choi bao

Here’s a dish that is easy and flavour-filled, and leaves nobody worrying about falling asleep early because they’ve overeaten.

Have we missed your type of lover? The Broadsheet Cookbook includes 80 recipes from our favourite local restaurants, so there is something in there for everyone.

Buy The Broadsheet Cookbook now and experience the best of Sydney-dining at home.