The closure of Fratelli Fresh in Potts Point in 2017 marked the end of an institution. The beloved hybrid grocer-Italian restaurant left a hole in the once-buzzing spot on MacLeay Street, and since then we’ve wondered what would fill the space.

Now we have our answer: Franca Brasserie. The name – inspired by Lingua Franca, a pidgin language spoken in Mediterranean regions from the 11th to 19th centuries (allowing people with different native tongues to communicate) – hints at the food to come, with a menu drawing inspiration from Paris, Nice, Provence, Normandy and other areas on the Mediterranean.

Restaurateur Andrew Becher (Pelicano), executive chef Alexis Besseau, and partner and general manager Alex Cameron aren’t planning on replicating Fratelli. In fact, when Franca opens in June it’ll bear little resemblance to the original site.

“Our focus for Franca will be to offer outstanding food and exceptional service in an upmarket setting and still be very comfortable and relaxed,” Becher said in a statement.

Besseau, best known for heading up the kitchens at Bathers’ Pavilion and Est, has also worked in Michelin-starred restaurants across France, Brazil and Switzerland.

The bar will be overseen by Alex Raclet from Rockpool Group and Pelicano and sommelier Ambroise Moriceau, who previously worked at Rosetta. It’ll be a destination in its own right, serving the full restaurant menu as well as a selection of smaller bar-menu dishes.

The temperature-controlled wine room will store more than 250 wines from across France, Australia and New Zealand.

Franca Brasserie is slated to open in June.