Broadway shopping centre’s latest opening is something a little different: a two-in-one butchery and fishmonger. Craig Cook the Natural Butcher and Steve Costi’s Seafood (not to be confused with De Costi) have partnered on the new concept, which opens on November 11 and includes a joint dine-in area where surf meets turf.

The fishmonger and butcher will sit side-by-side on the ground floor of the shopping centre, with an open kitchen in-between them. While shoppers can order fresh seafood and meat to take home and cook themselves, they can also dine in on a menu jointly created by the two outlets.

Expect seafood dishes such as Cloudy Bay diamond clam popcorn, battered barramundi with chips, fish burgers, poke bowls and prawn cocktails. On the meat side of things there’ll be minute steaks, veal schnitzels, smoked hotdogs, and double cheeseburgers with pickles and special sauce on a potato bun. You can add panko-crumbed prawns with aioli to make your ‘burg surf and turf.

The fresh seafood counter will have staples such as whole and filleted salmon, snapper, kingfish and tuna, plus prawns, oysters and lobsters. Costi has enlisted fish expert Costa “Con” Nemitsas to lead the venue, which will sell only products from Australia and New Zealand; staff members will be able to tell customers exactly where their seafood has come from and how it got to be at the fishmonger.

Cook will be selling dry-aged beef, cuts of Wagyu, pre-prepared meals and barbeque packs. Much of the produce he sells will come from his own farm in the Southern Highlands. The venues will also hold regular cooking demonstrations and fresh food showcases.

Both fit-outs and the diner have been designed by Tom Mark Henry (Dopa by Devon, Ramen Zundo Sapporo, Bistecca) using stone, timber, brass and glass. At the butcher there will be a wall of pink salt for dry-ageing beef.

Cook with Costi is the coming together of two family-owned businesses. Steve Costi’s business started when his father Con opened a fish shop in Lakemba in 1958. Costi now runs several fishmongers under the name Steve Costi’s Famous Fish.

Butcher Craig Cook opened his own farm, Tova Estate, in the Southern Highlands to ensure he could guarantee customers the meat they were buying was of the highest quality and reared under ethical conditions. Cook’s cattle roam the pastures, drink from natural water sources and eat clover, rye and natural hay. His meat is 100 per cent hormone and growth promotant-free.

Cook with Costi is slated to open in Broadway Shopping Centre on November 11.