With fresh white walls, light timber fittings and small pots of greenery, the pared-back Scandinavian-style interior of Pressed Juices leaves the vibrant, raw juice varieties to take centre stage. The look may be whimsical, but the Pressed Juices proposition is anything but.

Having triumphantly conquered LA, New York and Melbourne, the cold-pressed juice concept has made its way to Sydney with founder Leo Pegoli and health expert Natasha Waters leading the way.

Offering nutrient-dense, freshly pressed juice combos ready for one-off intake, or as part of a cleanse programme, the concept is already being enthusiastically embraced here.

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Pressed Juices use a high-pressure hydraulic press to squeeze every drop of liquid from select raw fruit, herbs and vegetables. The juice is then bottled and sold fresh on the day. This cold press method is said to deliver a ‘live’ drink, with the enzymes, vitamins and minerals (the richest elements of the produce) still intact.

"Juicing daily, to me, is an act of self-appreciation. Pressed juice is the ultimate delivery system of nutrients to the body,” says Pegoli.

The new Pressed Juices store in Surry Hills sells 29 varietals of juices and smoothie-style drinks, and like the three stores in Melbourne, is managed by a qualified nutritionist. It also offers an online ordering and delivery service.

In the Crown Street store, Jess Rutledge is on-hand to offer advice on selecting the most beneficial choices to meet individual requirements, as well as in-depth information on the benefits of a juice cleanse.

Pressed Juices

336 Crown Street, Surry Hills

1300 773 775


Mon – Sat 7am-6pm

Sun 8am-5pm