There will no doubt be scepticism among those of us who believe coffee should be served in a mug when CoffeeinaCone rolls out in New South Wales later this month. You can already try one at Balgowlah espresso bar Bacino, and more Sydney stockists are on their way.

This is either one of the best things to happen to coffee, or the worst.

On the one hand, it’s zero waste – finish your coffee, then finish off the chocolate-waffle vessel it came in. (The waffle cone is lined with a thick layer of a special-blend chocolate that makes it leak-proof). On the other hand, it’s coffee in a waffle cone. You’ve got about 10 minutes to finish your coffee before the chocolate melts, so says the maker of the product.

CoffeeinaCone – developed by a man called Dayne Levinra – has already made it to several countries around the world: Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa, where it originated.

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