Crafted and brewed in Darlington, Darlo Coffee Co. is making delicious cold-brew coffee available by the box (like cask wine). Ben and Erol Salcinovic are the Sydney-born brothers behind the business.

Making cold-brew coffee involves steeping coffee in cold water for an extended period of time. The coffee ends up sweet and strong, without the bitterness that is often the result of making it with heat.

Wondering how to differentiate themselves from the other coffees on the growing market in Australia, the brothers came up with selling the coffee in “goon-bag” form. Which, alongside finding an immediate place in our hearts, keeps the coffee fresh and makes it easily accessible – at home or at the office.

“Cafes are popular and busy,” says Ben, “so we wanted to bring good coffee to Sydney offices. It’s been years in the making. It took quite some time to get the right consistency and to find the right taste.”

Judging the right amount of time the coffee should be steeped in the cold water for was a long and caffeinated journey for Ben, who ended up going with 24 hours per batch. “It sounds so simple, really, just coffee and cold water. But there are so many little variables. And we think we’ve nailed it. hopefully!” he laughs. “Even non-coffee drinkers have been liking it! It’s so easy to drink – add a bit of milk or ice and that’s it.”

At the moment the coffee is made with a bean from roaster Single Origin Roasters, and will change depending on the season. The current taste is on the fruitier side (if had without milk) and with milk there are lingering notes of caramel.

Each two-litre box of concentrated coffee will get you around 30 to 40 serves. If you like it stronger, vary the ratio, but between 50 millilitres and 100 millilitres is the recommended dose.

Other than drinking it by the glass with milk or ice, the coffee has been a popular addition to shakes, cocktails and desserts. “Because the coffee is naturally sweet you don’t have to add a lot of sugar. When you use espresso coffee it can be quite acidic because of the heat. That’s where cold-brew coffee really shines.”

Darlo Coffee Co. cold brew coffee is available to order via their website. Minimum of two boxes per order.