When the guys behind Brooklands Coffee Co. took over one of the CBD kiosks in Martin Place to give us The Nut Hut late last year, it looked like there was change in the air for the notoriously limited CBD-kiosk offering. But despite huge popularity for the fresh coconuts, the council ordered The Nut Hut to stop stocking them.

“The council is basically our landlord and it sent us a letter saying we must cease the trading of coconuts,” says Joe Pags who together with business partner Cam Price was the brains behind the idea. “It was deemed that selling coconuts was preparing food; it saw the cracking of a coconut, and putting a straw in it, as preparation.”

And that was something that was not a part of the lease agreement for the space.

The team had only been trading at The Nut Hut for just under two months, but it obediently shut up shop before Christmas and went about reworking its offering. What’s opened in its place is their other baby, Brooklands Coffee Co.

“Now it’s a fast-paced espresso bar,” says Pags. “We’re serving Reuben Hills coffee … and we also do a filter coffee that we rotate on a weekly basis from different suppliers.”

The filter coffee is only $2 a cup, making it some of the most accessible filter coffee in town. Plus the boys are offering a deal: $5 for any two coffees; latte, cappuccino, long black, filter combination – whatever you like. You don’t even have to order them at the same time.

“We give you a token to use,” says Pags, and so far it’s been pretty popular.

Partnered with other young, like-minded businesses, the menu includes daily changing lunches by The Living Lunchbox, Botanica green juices, Wellness by Tess protein bars and granola with pro-biotic yoghurt. So the health factor is still there. Most of the collaborators are from Bondi, so it’s still a little bit of beach philosophy in the CBD.

Brooklands Coffee Co. Martin Place
Martin Place kiosk, corner Martin Place and Pitt Street, Sydney CBD

Mon to Fri 6am–6pm