So you successfully operate Sydney's favourite (and admittedly, only) Guatemalan owl bar. What's next? Well, if you're Jeremy Blackmore and Alex Dowd from Tio's, you go and convert an old nightclub on Oxford Street into a Papua New Guinean dance hall, replete with sunken dance floor, a hand-picked collection of Pacific kitsch and tropical cocktails.

Head past the neon palm tree sign, navigate the narrow stairs and you'll be greeted by an impressive tiki statue. Thick stone walls give way to the main bar (there are two), which displays a large wooden canoe among other treasures from the South Seas. It all overlooks the dance floor; and what a dance floor it is. Sparkly blue lights shine down onto the surface and the rim is lined with aqua tiles. Above your head, colourful fish lanterns flap in the air, jauntily swimming. What you've got yourself is a hell of a good time. And courtesy of the old nightclub's liquor licence, you've got it until four in the morning.

Beers at Cliff Dive come in cans. Go fancy with Devils Canyon Sunshine Rye IPA or Yo Ho Black Porter from Japan, or keep it safe with tinnies of Kirin or Tiger. Like Tio's, there are cocktails for 10 bucks, such as the Mojito and the Pandang (rum, apple and pandan), plus a couple of other numbers like the Supa Colada (rum, coco and pineapple), and the Spicy Bastard (rum, ginger and tamarind) which will set you back a few bucks more. Snacks like seafood dumplings and barbeque pork buns will help soak up all the booze.

Much like Tio's, Cliff Dive is a whole heap of elaborate, silly fun. There are plans for DJs most nights of the weeks, meaning the dance floor will get well-worn fast. That, and the late, late opening hours give Cliff Dive a vibe that's a little more nightclub than tavern. But don't let that put you off. Dive in.

Cliff Dive
16-18 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst

Wed to Sun 6pm – 4am