Touted by many as one of the only good spots to go for a dance in Sydney, owners Alex Dowd, Jeremy Blackmore and Russell Martin of Darlinghurst’s The Cliff Dive have now expanded the bar’s tropical offering to include a new, small tuckshop. Called Yurippi, it's set off to one side of the bar and is inspired by the yakitori bars of Japan.

The sight of The Cliff Dive’s telltale line snaking around the block after midnight may have put you off in the past. So, the team at the bar has created an atmosphere where patrons can arrive earlier, have a relaxed, well-made cocktail and something to snack on, rather than coming during the rammed, early hours after lock-out. “We recognise that people don’t want to come in at 7pm and get crazy, especially during the week,” says Dowd. The small tuckshop space, with just a few tables and booths, is low-lit and comfortable, fitting in nicely with the rest of the bar’s underground-style decor. The skewer station itself, with a thatched roof, could have been wheeled straight off a small-town street in Japan.

There’s nothing late-night revellers like more than the scent of a grill and the skewer menu at Yurippi offers five kinds of sweet, sour and tender marinated meats. Try octopus with chilli and ginger, pork with turmeric and lemongrass, tofu with chilli and tamarind, chicken with lemongrass and satay sauce or beef with wild ginger and caramelised sweet soy to go with Cliff Dive’s revamped cocktail list. Sides of crunchy, vinegary pickled vegetables or servings of rice are available, too, all prepared by Yurippi’s cheery chef, who wishes to be known only as Honky.

Yurippi at The Cliff Dive
16–18 Oxford Square, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Wed to Sat 6pm–3am