A little piece of Emilia-Romagna has arrived in Darlinghurst today with the opening of Bryan Gerlini’s pop-up project, Classico Moderno. The food prepared by the former Capriccio and Cafe Paci chef is a modern take on the food of the his home region. Those curious to try Gerlini's distinctive dishes should not put it off; it’ll only be around for six months.

Classico Moderno offers three separate six-course degustations: Emilia, (the land); Romagna, (the coast) and Pianura (the valley). There’s also a three-course option (with additional courses available, including cheese. Matching wines can also be recommended. "Emilia-Romagna is a region that stretches from one side of Italy to the other, so diners will discover dishes they never realised were from my home region," says Gerlini. Dishes include Gerlini’s signature cotechino and lentil sliders along with his savoury balsamic vinegar cannoli shells filled with mortadella mousse. There will also be risottos, homemade tortellini, passatelli with porcini mushrooms and freshly baked Italian breads.

The theme of mixing traditional and contemporary influences is also reflected in the restaurant's décor, which ranges from classic black-and-white photographs of Italy to modern paintings. There are strings of exposed globes hanging from the roof.

Classico Moderno
172–174 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst
(02) 9331 4358

Thu to Sat 12pm–3pm
Tue to Sat 5.30pm–10.30pm


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