Starting as a run-and-gun operation, serving top-shelf burgers from the alleyway behind Albion Street Kitchen, Warren Turnbull’s Chur Burger has since expanded to feed the masses upstairs at Paddington’s The London Hotel. And now it is heading across the water to a space next to Papi Chulo on Manly Wharf.

Chur Burger has become something of a household name among those looking for something a little more fancy than your regular old hamburger.

The menu, including the firm favourite burger of pulled pork, BBQ sauce and red slaw with fennel mayo, will stay the same. But the atmosphere of the Manly destination will be a little bit different to that of the Surry Hills setting. In keeping with its new home, the fit-out will have “a more laid-back beach vibe,” says Turnbull.

“We’ve been given a section of the Manly Wharf Hotel which is down towards the ferry terminal. A big section of that is what we are turning into Chur Burger. There’s a bit of an outside area and a bit of an inside area too.”

As with Chur’s other destinations, the menu also boasts a very impressive array of drinks, including milkshakes and cold beers to go with your burger – enjoyed perhaps that little bit more for being had by the seaside.

Chur Burger at Manly Street Wharf is slated to open mid-February, 2014.