Surry Hills welcomed its first dedicated chocolate shop, Lixie Chocolaterie, in mid December. Lixie Chocolaterie is a boutique where everything is geared towards showing off its handmade, organic chocolate.

Owner, Miga Aboulian, is an energetic, smiling woman who is incredibly knowledgeable about chocolate and is more than willing to share what she knows. “I want people to learn about cocoa,” she says. Aboulian has spent the past five years improving her skills; she spent two working with Hervé Boutin, the only person in Australia with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France title (a prestigious distinction granted at the end of a contest which rewards the best French practitioners across several professions). “I really earned my skills with Hervé Boutin. We spent two years working together, refining them,” she says. She has continued to collaborate with Boutin who comes to the shop each Friday to lend her a hand.

And who is Lixie? Aboulian chose this name because it makes her think of, “A French lady who likes to indulge in chocolate,” she says. This image suits the boutique’s spirit, with its gold and white trimmings and velvet, teal seats by the window.

Shelves filled with chocolate line the walls and fill the counter. Currently, the range includes chocolate bonbons such as strawberry and champagne jewels, her signature creation; salted caramel bombs; chocolate bars; and wafers. They are available on different chocolate bases with flavours such as rose and raspberry and hazelnut and black sea salt. All her products are handmade using only organic and sometimes single-origin chocolate.

Besides making chocolate, Aboulian also bakes: lining the counter are gooey double chocolate and macadamia brownies, cheesecakes and flourless orange cakes. Coffee is by Story Espresso, teas are from organic Ovio and, of course, there is hot chocolate – the flakes that adorn it are sold in the shop – with flavours such as orange or peppermint.

Lixie Chocolaterie
275 Crown Street, Surry Hills
(02) 8964 8899

Opening Hours
Mon 12pm–7pm
Tue to Fri 10am–7pm
Sat 9am–7pm