Stop one: Heritage Coffee Brewers for a peanut butter chocolate fudge milkshake

Heritage Coffee Brewers is right next to the Summer Hill train station, but don’t be tempted – every pump of that pedal is space for another 100 grams of chocolate, starting with this milkshake. It’s a deceptively light concoction. The first few sips are mild, but as you drink on you’ll feel the richness build and build. Let it be a sign of what’s to come. Get on that bike.

Alternative option: caramelised choc-chip cookie

Fri to Mon 8am–2pm

Stop two: Pig and Pastry for a chocolate brownie

Pig and Pastry’s Lindt-based brownie is one of the best we’ve eaten in Sydney. Imagine it as an all-consuming brownie black hole – all the other brownies sucked together into one super-intense snack. It’s viscous, velvety and well complemented by clusters of salty ground nuts inside and freeze-dried raspberries on top.

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Alternative option: salted choc-chip cookie

Fri & Sat 8am–3pm
Sun 8am–12pm
Mon closed

Stop three: Brewtown Newtown for a chocolate crumble cronut

An exquisitely constructed pastry masterpiece topped with a not-very exquisite (but most enjoyable) buttery chocolate cream. Best eaten upstairs because downstairs is going to be busy.

Alternative option: pistachio and dulce de leche brownie

Fri to Mon 8am–4pm

Stop four: Pana for Iced Chocolate

This new raw chocolate store does everything vegan. Pana Barbounis has made a range of creative chocolate treats that are rich and intricate. The iced chocolate is based on a brazil nut and cocoa milk and comes with a condensed meteor of chocolate ice cream made from coconut and cashew nuts.

Alternative option: anything else

Fri & Sat 9am–4pm
Sun closed
Mon 10am–3pm

Stop five: Mak Mak for a buttery choc-chip macaron

The Mak Mak macaron is a lighter snack so you can have a breather. As for which flavour to get, skip the peanut butter chocolate fudge for a buttery choc chip. It’s like Dutch chocolate toast but more texturally exciting.

Alternative option: dark or milk Belgian chocolate

Fri & Sat 11am–6pm
Sun 11am–4pm
Mon 11am–6pm

Stop six: Pagoto Gelato and Waffle House for a triple-chocolate mud cake

This is exactly as intense as it sounds – it’s a thick scoop of rich chocolate gelato embedded with chunks of mud cake and milk chocolate. Particularly zealous diners can get their gelato atop a waffle with extra chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings.

Alternative option: regular chocolate flavour

Fri to Sun 12pm–midnight
Mon 12pm–10.30pm

Go home and take a nap. You’ve earned it.