Mehran Granfar has always worked in the corporate sector, and knows what busy office workers need from a cafe. He's opened Chippenburg, a backstreet Chippendale cafe that welcomes local freelancers. He’s serving Chippenburg Cold Drip, a bottled caffeine drink Granfar wants to serve to Sydney workers in need of a hit.

Chippenburg is in the space that was once Little Queen Cafe. The cafe’s old owner, Rob Fuller (ex-Bourke Street Bakery), has been brought back in to run things. Thankfully, a lot of what gave Little Queen its charm, Fuller included, has remained. The semi-underground but sunlit space has been refreshed from a recycled look to have a more professional feel. Now there’s also extra power sockets for laptops, and the cafe can be booked after-hours for meetings or just for working.

The coffee is still from Zetland roasters Allpress, and the menu is similarly simple. “You've got professionals who need something quick, it's a reality of the people who work around this area,” says Granfar. Sandwiches, including a particularly beefy Reuben, are the main trade with supporting salads in summer and soups in winter. Breakfast includes a goji berry-speckled chia-and-coconut pudding. There are also homemade muffins and carrot cake.

The cold drip is tannin-heavy, powerful and slightly sweet, like a heavily caffeinated tea, and served in the bottle. Look out for it in busy cafes or offices soon.

Chippenburg Coffee
28–30 Queen St, Chippendale
0420 445 977

Mon to Fri 8am–3pm

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