A new monthly cheese delivery service that drops off a box of delicious, hand-selected cheeses to subscribers has launched in Sydney.

Brought to you by the same name who gave us the week-long cheese festival, & Cheese, The Cheese Riot will deliver different cheeses every month from small Australian producers, giving recipients the chance to taste products that aren’t available in stores.

“I found this big gap in the market of people saying how great Australian cheese is, but not being able to access it,” says Anna Perejma, the founder of The Cheese Riot. “The big supermarket chains can’t stock the full range Australia has to offer. I’m trying to unlock those small producers no-one has heard of, and try and bring farm to plate where possible.”

Expect a range of tasty accompaniments alongside the cheese selection. “I’m trying to challenge people’s tastebuds. You get your standard crackers, wine and chocolate [that go with cheese] but there are all these different things that can also bring out the flavour,” says Perejma.

Since news of the launch, she has had an overwhelming positive response. “I’ve had a lot of enthusiastic suggestions from cheese lovers on types of cheese. It’s very heartening to hear about other people’s love for it and makes my life-long cheese obsession somewhat more normal.”