Sweet dreams are made of cheese – at least, that’s what the folks at lush rooftop bar The Fernery dream about.

Next month they’re bringing melted cheese in all forms to the leafy space with a festival of melted cheese, dedicated to the gooiest and stretchiest fromage.

On the menu are a rich and creamy macaroni with four cheeses; baked camembert drizzled in honey and served with crunchy flat bread; a New York-style cheeseburger oozing with classic cheddar; and deep-fried arancini stuffed with stringy mozzarella for the ultimate cheese pull. For dessert there’s a torched cheesecake served with fresh berries and fruits on the side.

Pair all that with a glass of French Lanson champagne, or pinot noir, pinot gris and rosé from Australian vineyards.

The festival runs for the whole month of February, which means you can have all this cheesy goodness for 29 days straight.