Cheekyburger is a populular American-style burger joint in the east. Now the west is getting a taste, with a new Cheekyburger opening in the Chippendale Hotel today.

The move came about after Cheekyburger catered a Vice magazine party at the hotel. “The opportunity to open up in Chippendale just sort of presented itself,” says co-owner, Sam Marsh. “I knew Brett Strauss [owner of the Chippendale] through a mutual friend, and they were looking for some American-style food, and it all just sort of fell into place.”

The space will feel like a natural extension of the Paddington location. “It won’t be completely the same,” says Marsh. “We had to work with the space.” Its has a natural fit to the venue, as if it were always there. The public bar fades into the Cheekyburger area, encouraging punters to move from a beer to dinner.

The menu will be largely the same as at the first Cheekyburger venue, but the new space has given the team a bit more room to experiment. So a few more specials will be available. The signature Cheeky Cheeseburger is a classic American beef burger with pickles and gooey cheese. There’s snacks, too, such as fries (regular or yam), deep-fried pickles, Buffalo wings or mac‘n’cheese.

Marsh is tight lipped about how long Cheekyburger will be in the hotel, but if the popularity of its first location is anything to go by, we think it will be there for a while. If there is further expansion on the cards – “It is opportunity-based,” Marsh says. “Should an opportunity present itself, who knows?”

Full profile to come.

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Cheekyburger at The Chippendale Hotel
87–91 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale

Mon to Sat 10am–12pm
Sun 1pm–10pm