Chaco Bar’s, the small Japanese restaurant in Darlinghurst, has been serving a very limited amount of ramen on Monday nights and Wednesday to Saturday lunchtimes only. And it sells out fast. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on the first-come-first-serve ramen, we’ve got good news.

From April 11, the ramen team will move out of the Crown Street space to a pop-up at Barangaroo’s waterfront. Unlike the original, it will only serve takeaway, and there’ll be plenty of noodles to go around.

There are four different types of ramen, each with a unique style and flavour. Chef Keita Abe wants diners to understand the many different shades of ramen, a humble dish that has far more than just noodles, broth and toppings. “All four ramen dishes have a different taste, flavour and feeling,” says Abe. “This is a good opportunity for us to express our unique style of ramen.”

The Fat Soy, a customer favourite, is a shoyu-based ramen topped with soft slices of cha shu pork and seasoned egg. The Fish Salt has the same chicken broth and cha shu pork as Fat Soy, with fish flavouring and silky John Dory and tiger-prawn-stuffed wontons. Yuzu Salt is flavoured with yuzu paste and topped with squid, black fungus and mizuna leaf. The Chilli Coriander is spiced with homemade chilli paste and topped with chicken cha shu and seasoned egg. There are also several rice dishes and sides to complement your ramen, including Chaco Bar’s gyoza, pork sliders, mentai rice and cha shu rice.

The Wulugul pop-up is a light-filled outdoor food court, with a sleek design, built from cascading cardboard tubes. It’ll be easier to eat lunch outdoors this winter will a bowl of ramen to keep you warm.

Chaco Bar will open at the south end of Barangaroo’s Wulugul Pop-Up from April 11 until mid-August, 2016.

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Chaco Bar
Wulugul Pop-Up, Wulugul Walk, The Streets of Barangaroo

Mon to Sun 11am–11pm