Levi Mostyn says there’s certain things a CBD cafe has to deliver. Most important are convenience and accessibility. Lots of the older city cafes covered this by serving ready-to-go chicken-and-avocado sandwiches or ham-and-cheese croissants. Fossix is doing things a little bit differently.

It serves refreshingly off-trend burgers (no cheeseburgers or fried chicken here) such as the lemongrass-pork burger with spicy mayo and coriander, and chicken with lemon, pepper, tomato and smoky chilli aioli. There’s a punchy toastie with garlic-fried enoki mushrooms, double cheese, aioli and optional bacon. “It’s basic but it’s really tasty,” says Mostyn.

Derek Chan is the chef here and the other Fossix co-owners along with Mostyn, Josh Folden and Danny McNeill’s also own John Smith Specialty Coffee. Although the current menu has a few surprises, such as a surprisingly stable peanut butter, jelly and banana tartine, a lot more experimentation is still to come. Also, with the added room the kitchen provides (John Smith’s is notoriously small), Chan and his team will make their own cakes and biscuits.

Mostyn had fun with the fit-out. He’s a builder and worked with designer Caroline Beresford on a clever, L-shaped cafe design that leaves the foyer the cafe occupies (where the coffee counter is) feeling open. There is a hideaway for more intimate, sit-down meals in the indoor laneway around the corner (where the kitchen is). The coffee is the only direct import from the team’s other cafe; the same St Peter’s roast for milk blends and single origin for filters and espresso.

Fossix Coffee
130 Pitt Street, Sydney
0422 855 811

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm

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