This month over at Schweppes Cocktail Revolution, we’ve been getting into the spirit of spring - which if you're lucky means getting dressed up and heading down south to the races in Melbourne. If you were out at this year’s carnival, you might have seen Bar Schweppes by Broadsheet in The Birdcage enclosure, but we were still helping you to mix it up at home. Here are some of the best drink recipes from the last month.

Flemington Fling
For those who didn’t make it to the Spring Racing Carnival this year, or want to relive the experience, we’ve got detailed instructions about how to mix your very own Flemington Fling at home.

Prosecco Refresher
When the warmer weather heads their way, the Italians know exactly what to do. Besides breaking out the deckchairs, they uncork a bottle of bottle of Prosecco. This cocktail makes the most out of this Italian bubbly.

What to do with Honey
Honey can be a difficult ingredient to harness in a drink. It’s a natural sweetener with a distinctive taste, making an ideal candidate for a cocktail ingredient. But it can go either way when you start plying it to drinks. Here are a few tips for dealing with honey and getting the most out of it.

A Gin Picnic
With summer just around the corner, all our thoughts are turning to a picnic rug in the park. While it’s unquestionably the place we want to be, unfortunately it’s not always the best venue for an impromptu bar. The solution, of course, is to prepare your drinks before heading out the door.

Cumquat Mojito
For some strange reason, cumquat trees are everywhere, though people rarely use them. Perhaps the reason they go to waste is because without a little effort, this citrus fruit can taste overwhelmingly sour. But there’s an easy way to enjoy them: Cumquat Mojitos.