Five friends from a mix of professional backgrounds (real estate, graphic design, finance and marketing) are behind Cali Press cold-pressed juice, which has recently opened its doors in Bronte.

It was on a recent trip to California, and in particular while in Los Angeles, that co-founder Nick Bardetta found himself surrounded by what he describes as a juice-bar culture equivalent to Sydney’s cafe culture. Cold-press juices, he argues, are superior, and not just for their taste. “There is a different freshness,” he says.

Kelvin Ho (of Akin Creative fame) was behind the fit-out of Cali Press’ flagship in Bronte – a vision of sky blue, white tiles and sunlight that makes the small space feel double its size. Ho is no stranger to beachside settings – he recently refitted the Coogee Pavilion. “He’s certainly helped us execute a design that embodies a laid-back atmosphere,” says Bardetta.

But what exactly is a cold-press juice? Regular juicing pushes fruit and vegetables through a heated motor. Using this method up to 60 per cent of vitamins and nutritional value can be lost. Cold-pressing gently pulverises the fruit and vegetables first, and then presses the pulp while it’s cold to maximise the extraction of vitamins and other nutrients.

“Unlike traditional methods of blending and grinding, cold press doesn't degrade the fruit and vegetables,” says Bardetta. But with such freshness and high-nutrient content comes logistical challenges. “Because it is raw and completely unpasteurised, it only has a three-day shelf life, so it’s literally produced and served fresh daily.”

Cali Press’s current offering is an array of colours as much as it is flavours: kale, spinach, parsley and mint make up greener numbers such as the Popeye and the Evergreen. Maple, cayenne, pineapple and lemon constitute varieties such as the Golden State and The Enigma. It’s The Pacino, however, that catches the eye; filtered water, almonds, cold-brew coffee, dates, and sea salt lends it its creamy, hazelnut hue.

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Cali Press
140b Macpherson Street, Bronte

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm
Sat 7am–5pm
Sun 8am–5pm