The latest pop-up bar from Cake Wines marks a coming of age for the young wine label. Barely a year since they launched, Cake has built a reputation for throwing great parties, supporting the best up-and-coming musical talent and having a knack for choosing some of best new and established contemporary artists to decorate their bottles.

The Archi-Bottle Prize – a none too subtle dig at the Archibald Prize – had the Cake team put out an open call for submissions of artworks that will be emblazoned across the new range of summer wines. Previous artists to have graced Cake’s labels include Beci Orpin, Kill Pixie (Mark Whalen), Hollie Martin and Kevin Tran. The two big winners of the competition will be announced at the exhibition and pop-up bar showcasing the top 30 artworks. [fold] Even without the pop-up bar and gallery, Cake have a busy calendar with the launch of a new Shiraz, Rose and Chardonnay for summer. Collaborating with the likes of FBi Radio and stocking at various venues, art and music events has not only placed Cake Wines in the very industry it supports (25 cents from each bottled sold goes to FBi Radio), it has also helped put the Cake Wines range on the map. [fold] Asking the team what sort of impact their regular string of pop-ups and collaborations have on the label, co-founder Glen Cassidy notes that the events “allow us to bring everything we love, from art, music, to other cultural stuff, together in one space”.

“It’s an opportunity for us to talk to people about the wine, showcase some of cultural stuff we love and it’s great for us to get feedback from people on what we’re doing.”

This all means that the team gets to work with a range of creative minds, who in-turn inject fresh ideas and inspirations into the brand. And while the wine label and their collaborators may have different creative ideas, at the end of the day, everyone is linked by the common drive to do things differently.

And this brings us back to the inaugural Archi-Bottle Prize. Seeing how eager they were to land their new business invaluable exposure in its early days, the Cake Wines team decided they would like to do the same for young artists who could use that extra bit of exposure. And the chance to grace the label of a wine bottle and have your work displayed in a gallery is definitely one way to get noticed.

Cake Wines Pop-Up Wine Bar will be open every Thursday to Friday from October 25 to the end of November. Flick through our gallery to find the November schedule.

Cake Wines Pop-Up Wine Bar
199 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

Thursday October 25: Archi-Bottle Prize finals, from 6pm
Friday October 26: FBi Live Broadcast, from 6pm
Saturday October 27: Surry Hills Festival, from midday