Enmore Road is enjoying new popularity as a dining destination. Osteria di Russo & Russo, The Gretz, Bauhaus West and the Stinking Bishops have opened in the last few years and new openings are planned for the next few months, including Ibrahim Kasif’s Istanbul-inspired Stanbuli. Now there’s news of another July/August opening of a (as yet unnamed) Cairo street-food venue by Hesham El Masry (owner of Plunge No.46 in Summer Hill). It will specialise in Egyptian-style falafel.

“My parents migrated to Australia from Egypt in 1968, and my mum is my favourite chef,” says El Masry of the inspiration behind the concept. “It’s my culture and upbringing. We want to do it justice; made fresh and with the right ingredients. We’ll do the Egyptian version with fava beans [as opposed to the chickpea variety], peeled and soaked overnight and then we add green herbs and then deep-fry them.”

El Masry will be repurposing a corner real estate office, with interior design by his wife Andrea Katehos (who did the revamp at Plunge No. 46). We can also expect meats cooked over a charcoal pit, as well as craft beers. El Masry will be drawing on advice from chefs David Tsirekas (previously of Perama and currently doing pop-up dinners at Plunge No.46) and Somer Sivrioglu (of Balmain’s Efendy) to fine-tune cooking technique.

“Beer and falafel will be the signature. But we’ll also have Egyptian drinks, like hibiscus flower, on the menu.”

Follow progress of the new venue at instagram.com/Plunge46. The falafel bar will be on Enmore Road, Enmore in July 2016.