On August 7, StreetSmart is once again holding its refreshingly simple charity initiative, CafeSmart, which sees coffee makers and drinkers unite to help raise funds for community organisations supporting those living on the streets.

Last year 415 cafes and 20 coffee roasters participated in the event, providing funding for more than 90 charities. This year, StreetSmart director Adam Robinson hopes to see more businesses become involved, saying the event is the perfect opportunity for cafes to integrate themselves into their community.

“Cafes are part of the local community and this is an event that directly aims to help their locality,” he says. “Becoming involved will help business owners build connections and loyalty between the cafe, its customers and the coffee roaster. It’s an opportunity for cafes to build an atmosphere around the day, get more people involved, see more people come through the door and show customers they care.”

Head here to sign your business up to CafeSmart, or spread the world and encourage your local to get involved.

Since beginning in 2003, StreetSmart has raised more than $3 million to help Australia’s homeless through its CafeSmart, DineSmart and RunSmart events.

Participating cafes across the country will donate $1 for every coffee sold. The money is channeled into smaller, innovative charity programs that provide critical services for people in their local community, but often struggle with a lack of funding.

“We really want to help smaller, local communities,” says Robinson. “What we do is quite unique in the way that we put money back into the community where the funds are raised. We support those smaller organisations that aren’t well known and help raise their profile.”

From raising $40,000 in 2011 to more than $120,000 last year, Robinson says CafeSmart’s simplicity means it’s easy for business owners to help those experiencing homelessness.

“It’s such a simple concept,” he says. “It’s just one dollar on one day but it can make such a difference and bring together so many people. It unites a competitive industry around one fantastic goal.”

August 7 is CafeSmart Day. To find participating cafes, register your cafe or donate, go to streetsmartaustralia.org/cafesmart.