"A pair of timber and leather stools made by Wood & Faulk" - Dana Whyte, co-owner, Clever Little Tailor, Adelaide.
“Simple and long lasting, they will only get better with use and age. Sometimes, there is nothing more wonderful than sitting outdoors with a friend, drinking a bottle of whiskey and listening to Nick Drake’s Pink Moon.”


"Hibiki 12 Japanese Whiskey" - Simon Blacher, co-owner, Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally and Tokyo Tina restaurants, Melbourne.
“It’s all about Japanese whiskey this year!" says Blacher. Hibiki, which means resonance in Japanese, is Suntory’s high-end whiskey line. This 12-year-old blended whiskey is the youngest of the line, which goes up to 27 years aged.

"2x Technics SL-1200 turntables, plus a mixer" - Kiren Mainwaring, co-owner and chef, Co-Op Dining, Perth.
“I do all the music for the restaurant and I’m a strong believer in the way music and food work together," Mainwaring says. "You can’t even imagine going into a restaurant now and it being silent.”


"A new, technologically advanced mattress" - Mitch Orr, co-owner and chef, Acme, Sydney
“Here’s what I think everyone should shut up and buy: a new mattress. My old man back already hurts less when I wake up thanks to new sleep technologies like memory foam and a non-spring spring system. Considering you spend half your life in bed it’s really not even that irresponsible to go and drop a bag of money on a new mattress.”