New burger joint Bonditony’s has a musical approach, serving buns and patties with a rock‘n’roll twist.

Owner Tony Gosden used to own The Crossing on O’Brien Street around the corner. But his long-term goal was to draw on his years of experience in the music industry to open a rock‘n’roll bar in Bondi. Difficulties with finding a suitable venue and getting the necessary permissions forced him to rethink his plan and add food into the mix.

“I thought, ‘What’s the best thing to serve that’s communal and fun? Burgers’, he says.

Beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian burgers with names such as the Lost Valentino and the Just a Jezebel are on the list with sides that include sweet potato fries and slaw. But Gosden says the bestseller by far is the Trippin Zeahorse – a grass-fed beef patty topped with crispy free-range “Ms Piggy”, cheese, tomato relish and mustard aioli.

Parched customers can sip on Young Henrys Natural Lager and Newtowner from the tap, or a range of bottled beers and ciders. There’s also five cocktails, Karmacola’s fair trade range of fizzy drinks and the all-important shakes. But as far as shakes go, these ones are “ultrahealthy”, according to Gosden. They’re made with coconut ice cream and refined sugar is strictly off limits.

All of the artwork on the walls comes from shows that Gosden has worked on over the past 10 years with bands that he’s promoted, toured and managed. He made the furniture and did the fit-out himself.

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“I didn’t want the American diner vibe at all,” he says. “I want it to feel like you’re in my lounge room, and you can just sit back and relax and listen to classic ‘70s music, because everyone can relate to the ‘70s – old people and young people.”

It is tiny, there’s no doubt about that. But Gosden managed the space constraints by introducing share tables, which he says complements the atmosphere.

“There’s more of a social element when you’re eating a burger. It’s finger food, it’s messy and it’s just more fun,” he says. “We don’t put out knives and forks unless you want them.”

144–148 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi
0414 985 577

Tue to Fri 5pm–11pm
Sat & Sun 12pm–11pm