The Mister Gee food truck is parked in the middle of a carwash on Parramatta road. A long line snakes alongside it. It’s made up of first-timers and veterans who’ve been eating Mister Gee’s burgers since it set up in another carwash in Burwood a year ago (it’s been in Haberfield since May 2015).

Mister Gees has no ambience, no carefully designed dining area and not much that could be considered a theme for the space. Many of the already-served patrons are seated on milk crates, bending over their cardboard burger boxes and reaching down to grab shakes from the concrete. A few stainless-steel tables and chairs, layover furniture for daytime carwash customers, fill up fast.

On any given night, Mister Gee’s menu lists one burger, a style of sauced chips (truffle or bacon, for example), a milkshake (Redskin and baklava have featured) and a few soft-drink cans. The burger changes weekly, the fries and milkshake less often. The truffle burger has caused most of the fuss, and returns to the menu every few weeks. It consists of a thick beef patty, caramelised onion, rocket, truffle-oil-spiked mayonnaise, pepper and melted cheese on a light brioche bun. Other ingredients on Mister Gee’s burgers include Korean mayonnaise, miso-glazed bacon, grated Granny Smith apples and bacon jam. Mister Gee’s burgers are shamelessly extreme. Apart from an inherent greasiness, they’re also juicy, succulent and well balanced, with carefully considered ingredients.

Gee Ozgen, the man behind the burgers, studied cooking but dropped out before completing his degree, opting to travel instead. His inspiration comes from the food carts of New York and Los Angeles, where passers-by expect to have a solid burger or hot-dog option on their way to work. He also said the street-food culture in Thailand and Vietnam informed his vision for Mister Gee. These influences result in the audacious composition of Mister Gee’s bulging burgers – a negotiation between bottom-belly satisfaction and pitch-perfect composition. Funnily enough, Ozgen’s almost complete disregard for a “dining experience” makes for a terrific dining experience.

Mister Gee Burger Truck
315 Parramatta Road, Haberfield

Wed to Sat 6pm–10pm