In the middle of a Bonnyrigg car park sits a food truck with a line outside. Even though not much else is around, the truck doesn’t open for another 20 minutes and it’s windy, dark and 10 degrees, the line is about 40 people deep. Good burgers are in demand in the west and Holy Heffa is delivering.

The new truck comes from Joseph Nguyen, Nader Zaki and Van Armota, three Western Sydney corporates who were sick of driving all over Sydney to get a good burger. “September last year we went to Mary’s and we were like, ‘We have to bring this to the west,’” says Nguyen. Zaki and Armota initially laughed at the idea, but here they all are, with an American diner–themed food truck attracting large queues.

Their burgers are very much within current American-style trends. They haven’t gone down the overly extravagant road but they’re not serving minimalist cheeseburgers either. “We’re about having that balance, something that’s creative but at its core it’s a great-value burger that isn’t too extreme,” says Armota.

The menu changes regularly, with a different milkshake, special and topping for fries each week. The most popular burger so far has been the Homeboy Heffa, a textural and sweet mix of maple-glazed bacon, American cheese, onion rings, jalapeños, gravy, smoke barbecue sauce and mayo. This week you can try the Truffle Trip, which loads the bacon and cheese with caramelised onions, mushrooms and truffle sauce. Last week they had an almond and fig milkshake with fries topped with cheese sauce, bacon and paprika but this week it's a mango-Weis milkshake and parmesan and truffle-mayo fries as sides.

Holy Heffa does occasionally change locations, but the regular jig is Friday to Saturday at Edensor Park car park, suited up with milk crates, palette tables and beats. “We’ve had a lot of people telling us to come to the city, but to be honest we’re a bit sick of coming into the city for food. We want people to come out to the west,” says Armota.

Holy Heffa
Fred’s Fruit Market
661–671 Smithfield Road, Edensor Park

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