Circular Quay has recently been evolving into one of the city’s best food hubs, thanks to fast-growing precincts like Sydney Place and Quay Quarter Lanes. Burger Point chef-owner Tim Casaje is joining in, bringing his beloved western-Sydney fast-food joint to the CBD.

The Filipino-fusion burger spot debuted in Marsden Park in 2016, with several more outlets opening around western and north-western Sydney since. Both Sydney’s Filipino community and burger aficionados journey from across the city to eat Casaje’s burgers – and they’re so good Lizzo name-dropped its cheese-dipped burger as a must-try ahead of her 2019 Australian tour.

The menu is an ode to Casaje’s Filipino heritage.

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“Filipinos have such a sweet tooth,” he tells Broadsheet. “I started with mainstream flavours but my team encouraged me to incorporate more of the flavours I know so well, and people ended up loving it.”

And cater to the sweet tooth he does, from the signature Marvin Glaze, a double-patty burger with crispy bacon bits and grated cheddar encased by a doughnut-glazed bun, to fried chicken with gravy and Filipino-style sweet spaghetti, and halo-halo, a Filipino dessert of ube ice-cream, evaporated milk, jelly and leche flan.

For those looking to take things to the next level, there’s the signature dunking cheese made with a combination of American cheese, cheddar, paprika and garlic, which you can pair with any burger or chips on the menu.

Casaje has two more NSW venues in the works, and has set his sights on bringing the Burger Point concept to Melbourne.

Burger Point Circular Quay
180 George Street, Sydney
0423 917 037

Daily 10.30am–9pm